Raising Money while Capitalism Collapses: Fundraising with Powerbase


With the economy in shambles, now is an important time to tighten our fundraising strategies and reinforce our networks of support and mutual aid. Raising Money while Capitalism Collapses focuses on building financial support using contribution pages, peer-to-peer giving campaigns, $X in X weeks sprint-style campaigns and integrating these campaigns into our organizing work so we can build holistic campaigns that support our communities.

Prerequisite: Comfortable creating and using groups.


Training materials, including login information on the training database will be sent to everyone who is registered.

Day 1: Contribution Basics

1:00 pm Eastern Time (approximately 120 minutes)

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Day 2: Fundraising Campaigns

1:00 pm Eastern Time (approximately 120 minutes)

  • Review home work and questions - N
  • Demo: Direct Mail - N
  • Sprint Campaigns - a multichannel fundraising campaign
  • Assignment - J: Finish setting up phonebank, Email / scheduled reminders and drip campaign, and a PCP page - include your first name in the title for the PCP page, email, or phonebank

Day 3: End of Year Workflows and Putting it All Together

1:00 pm Eastern Time (approximately 120 minutes)

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