Creating Annual Donor Letters in PowerBase

Do you want to send your donors an annual donation summary letter? You can easily do this in PowerBase. Donor summary letters are printed letters listing the total tax deductible contributions for a given year. They are provided to donors so that the donor has a record for their tax filings.

The IRS has some additional recommendations and requirements for donor documentation. They can be found here:
Note, if you are providing your donor with a list of their individual donations that are $250 or greater, you'll probably need to run the Donor Thanks Routine described elsewhere. (
Also there are instructions in the CiviCRM manual that might be useful. You can find them here:

The following materials will help you with the Annual Donor Letters if you are doing them:

  • create a donor acknowledgment letter template and then insert tokens to fill in certain fields, including donations that are tax deductible
  • understand how to use Summary Fields tab for pulling up donor information
  • export the acknowledgment letter to PDF
  • create mailing labels

Download PDFs