Announcing PTP’s New Executive Director!

The Board and Staff of PTP are thrilled to announce Arif Mamdani as the new Executive Director of Progressive Technology Project! We're especially excited to have Arif because of the leadership role he has played in increasing PTP's commitment to adding value to the organizing community through deeper and more comprehensive engagement. He has been exceptional as PTP’s Capacity Building Director in the last six years, leading our Community Organizing and Technology Institutes (COaTIs), TechCamps and workshops.

Final Words from Joseph Phelan for July Communications training group:

In relation to organizing communications does not get done effectively by any one individual. In order for communications to be effective and strategic it must be integrated throughout the organization. This goes from leadership development/ political education of members, skills development around comms work for members and staff, as well as integration into the entire function of the organization. Comms has to be taken up and scene as a value added by the entire org. This then leads to practice.