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Hi COaTI folks!

Hope the session is going well for everyone. Unfortunately, we can’t join

you this time around because of our big annual celebration and fundraiser

(Jammin’ for Justice) on Wednesday (from 6-9 EST, you’re all invited! J )

As you can see, the long hours are making us a little loopy but at least we

are getting close to raising our goal amount, which is a big relief. (This year

Message from ACE

Hey PTP people,

We're sorry we weren't able to make this last training but we're getting things ready for our annual fundraiser. Hope you're all well and please, keep in touch! Check out the attached photo to see what's good. Thanks,

List of online engagement options

Online engagement list of options:

1. Send email to large group of people
a. Send customized email to individual within group
b. Track opens/actions (do they click the link to go do what you’re asking them to do?)
c. Target emails to specific locations, type of constituent, etc

2. Online Advocacy
a. Petitions
b. Emails/Faxes/Letters to target