List of online engagement options

Online engagement list of options:

1. Send email to large group of people
a. Send customized email to individual within group
b. Track opens/actions (do they click the link to go do what you’re asking them to do?)
c. Target emails to specific locations, type of constituent, etc

2. Online Advocacy
a. Petitions
b. Emails/Faxes/Letters to target

3. Solicit User Generated Content or Facilitate Participatory Content Development
a. Stories
b. Photos
c. Informatioon (e.g.

4. Enable “branded� and “lightly� controlled independent meetings
a. Through your website/CMS
b. Through external services

5. Solicit User Feedback
a. Surveys (which will be published back to group)

6. Enable online diaries or journals from staff/members/leaders/supporters that are “community� enabled through comments, etc. Syndication also possible.
a. Article comments
b. Blogs

7. Volunteer Management and Tracking
a. Solicit volunteer info

8. Facilitate Meetings/Actions
a. Ride Boards
b. Housing Boards
c. Resource Sharing

9. Online Community
a. Bulletin boards
b. Threaded discussions
c. IM
d. Social Networking
e. Group blogs (where anyone can participate)

10. Online Photo Galleries
a. Flickr
b. Other services

11. Calendar and events
a. Publish event dates and location to a public calendar
b. Allow users to create and manage events
c. Accept registration for events online

12. Supporter Lists
a. Publish list of members by region, issue, etc
b. Connect members in the same place with each other

13. Accept online donations
a. Track progress of fundraising campaigns

14. Sell (or not) merchandise or materials related to campaigns
a. Through your site
b. Through 3rd party e-commerce site (Yahoo Store)
c. Through service like GoodStorm or Café Press

15. Provide downloadable resources or materials related to campaigns
a. Instructions (action handbooks, house part kits, etc)
b. DVDs for house parties or events
c. Posters for download and distribution

16. Election Related
a. Voter file mash up
c. Generate Walk lists