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Hi COaTI folks!

Hope the session is going well for everyone. Unfortunately, we can’t join

you this time around because of our big annual celebration and fundraiser

(Jammin’ for Justice) on Wednesday (from 6-9 EST, you’re all invited! J )

As you can see, the long hours are making us a little loopy but at least we

are getting close to raising our goal amount, which is a big relief. (This year

we’re testing out a free admission policy and doing an in-person ask at the

event as opposed to selling tickets.)

The office is getting to be a madhouse--in one corner you can hear the night’s

playlist being assembled (thank god for ipods), in another you can hear our

youth practicing speeches and MC duties. The best part of the day is when

the boss goes home and the interns run downstairs to the liquor store for

“refreshments� to keep us going. (But you didn’t hear that from us!)

Things are quickly coming together—we decided to print the invitation (with

the fist) that most of you liked the best, and that same design theme has

been carried out on our printed program and awards. If anyone is interested

in seeing how our materials turned out, we can send pdfs, just drop an email

to celina at

Anyway, time to get back to work! We really wish we could be there with

everyone (and we could *definitely* use a turn on the vibrational string table

thingy right about now) but hey, at least that means more time on the table

for you guys! J

Hope everyone is having fun and be sure to keep in touch!



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