Download text editors for the How Websites Work workshop

For Windows: Textpad
For Macs: TextWrangler

The How Websites Work session on Thursday will involve a bunch of hands on experimentation. The only special tool you'll need for that is a good text editor. Notepad (on Windows) and TextEdit (on Macs) are basic text editors, but you can get ones that are a bit nicer, a bit more helpful, and often either free or cheap.

Site Changes

As you can see, we've made some changes to this site. Some, like the design, are obvious. We think this is a better design than the old one - that it's easier to read, and easier to use. We'd love any feedback that you have on it - ways to make it easier to use, and anything else you'd like to share.

The other major change that is less obvious is that we've enable Spanish language translations on this site. That does not mean that the entire site is translated into Spanish. What it does mean is that the majority of navigation and instructional elements of the site are translated, and that we plan to work to get as much of the site translated as possible.