Adding a Contribution Widget or Thermometer to an online donation page or your own website page screen cast


If you want to add a widget or "thermometer" that shows the progress of your donations on the Powerbase donation page, you'll want to enable the CiviCRM extension called "Contribution Page Progress Bar". If you want to display the widget or thermometer on your on website page, then you will not want to enable this extension. You will need to have Powerbase Administrator permissions to access the extensions in Powerbase.

Enable the Contribution Page Progress Bar Extension

  • Administer menu > System Settings > Extensions > next to Contribution Page Progress Bar extension, click on Install

Next, configure your donation page to use the contribution widget:

  • Contributions > Manage Contribution Pages > next to your contribution page, click on Configure > click on Title and Settings
  • In the Goal Amount field, enter the amount you are aiming to raise, click SAVE
  • Click on the Widgets tab > check the box Enable Widget?
  • Configure the widget with the colors and text you want. See the screen cast below for details

Screen cast for configuring the contribution widget