Fundraising: Personal Campaign Pages

PowerBase has a peer to peer fundraising feature called Personal Campaign Pages or PCPs for short.

In PowerBase you can configure any event or contribution page to use PCPs - which means individual members of your organizations can create their own custom page inviting people to the event or to make a contribution.

All contributions made thorugh a PCP are linked to the person who created the page via a "soft credit" to the contribution.

See below for the technical details or see our overview on peer-to-peer fundraising.

Setup the contribution or event page

  • First, create a new contribution (pictured below) page or event page and enter the details you want regarding your contribution page or event page. You can read more about how to create a contribution page here
  • Click on the Personal Campaign Pages tab and check the box to Enable Personal Campaign Pages

Configure the Personal Campaign Pages

Personal Campaign Page setup

  • Approval Required (box is checked as default): so that you can review and approve personal campaign pages to make it live.
  • Notify Email: email of person who will be creating their personal campaign page
  • Supporter Profile: select the profile to be used to collect info about the person who is creating a personal campaign page
  • Owner email notification: select the option on whether you want notifications of donations to the personal campaign page to be sent to the creator of that page
  • Allow "Tell a Friend" functionality?: if checked allows the create to use the Tell a Friend functionality for their personal campaign page
  • "Tell a Friend" maximum recipients (default is 5): how many recipients they can send to at one time
  • 'Create Personal Campaign Page' link text:
    • Enter text that will be used for a button on the main campaign page that allows anyone AFTER they donate to create their own personal campaign page
    • If you don't want just ANYONE to create personal campaign pages, then leave this field blank, and copy and email the link that's displayed below this field to the folks want to create their own personal campaign pages. No button displayed on the main campaign page that will allow just anyone to create their own personal campaign pages.
    • If you prefer to setup the personal campaign page for someone else, then just leave this field blank.


Send the email link on the Personal Campaign Pages tab for creating new pages to everyone in your network.

When submitted, their PCP page will not be live until you approve it.

Review and approve

After folks have created personal campaign pages or if you prefer to create the personal campaign page for someone else, you can see the pages that are awaiting approval by going to Contributions > Personal Campaign Pages. You can then Edit or Approve the personal campaign pages here.

Things to remember

  • If you try to create a PCP page and you get the error: "There is already an user associated with this email address" it means that you are creating a page for someone who has a login to your database. First, login as the user, then return to the page and you will be able to create it without an error.
  • The profile you use for personal campaign pages must have the "User account creation" checkbox selected. A user account will not be created in PowerBase because we only allow that option for admins. However, due to the way CiviCRM works, this box must be checked.
  • Once a user creates a PCP page for themselves, they cannot change the page without the help of someone with a login. That's unfortunate, but necessary to keep your database secure.