Events with Group Sponsorships or Tables of participants

Not all events are equal

If you are organizing an event in which you want to allow organizations or individuals to pay extra for additional participants (e.g. a "sponsorship" package that allows multiple employees from the same organization to attend) or you want to allow an organization or individual to purchase a table, then a special work flow is required.

This work flow addresses one primary need: when signing up for a sponsorship or a table, the registrant rarely knows the names of the people who will be attending yet you will want to record all the additional participants in your database. Therefore, this approach to event planning requires a work flow for your organization to regularly follow up with the registrant to get the contact details for the additional participants.

If you do not have the staffing capacity for this work - then designing a registration system that allows for sponsorships or tables may not be for you.

The Setup

Before creating your event, be sure to create a price list for the event. The price list should include an option for "sponsorship" or to purchase a "table" that is priced accordingly. When creating this price option, do not enter a number in the "Participant Count" field. If you do, then the total number of participants will be artificially boosted by this number for everyone who picks this option. We don't want this because we will be adding all of these participants in as full participants and we don't want them double counted.

If you are organizing tables - then you may want to put the maximum number of available tables in the "Max Participants" field to ensure you don't over-sell the tables that are available.

You will also need to create a custom participant field for your event that is not included in the registration profile. If you are doing tables, it could be "Table number" - or if it is a sponsorship, it could be "Sponsor Name."

Reporting and Managing

When you get a sponsorship/table registration, edit their participation record and enter a value for the custom "table number" or "Sponsorship Name" you want to assign to this person. Then, manually immediately follow up with the registrant asking for a list of names to be registered.

When you get the names, manually enter them, entering the same "Table Number" or "Sponsorship Name" that you assigned to the person who initiated the registration. Do not enter a payment record for their registration since their payment is covered by the original participant. You might optionally create a relationship between this registrant and the paying registrant (if one doesn't exist already).

To help keep tabs, create an Event - Participant report that filters by your event and only show participants with a value in your custom field (either the "Table Number" or "Sponsorhip Name"). Sort by this field - so all the records belonging to one registration will be grouped together.

If you want more fine-grained control, you can export to a spread sheet.