Please find below a list of many of the trainings that the Progressive Technology Project has conducted over the years. Each training contains links to materials used in the trainings.


  • Welcome & Introduction to the Learning Table: 5 minutes
  • Introduction to Assessment Workshop: 5 minutes (Alice) Each organization has written up a needs assessment. Our goal today is to pull those together into a movement/sector needs assessment to find the commonalities that will allow us to focus this series of workshops
  • Discussion of participants' needs assessment: 30 minutes (choose one organization to present to start things off)

This PowerBase online workshop was conducted on Monday, February 12, 2018.

Have you been wanting to creating email templates that look smashingly wonderful on smartphones in PowerBase?

Well, a new extension in PowerBase uses Mosaico which can help you create email templates easily. And you can still use the traditional PowerBase / CiviCRM Mailing feature and still have access to your existing templates. We'll show you how!

Here's documentation on how to use the Mosaico feature in PowerBase.

The following are training agenda items for PowerBase Administrators. The agenda items here are suggested topics and are covered based on the relevance and priority to the work of the organization.



Materials will not be printed for you at the training. If you want a paper copy, please download and print before you come.


This workshop was designed collaboratively between PTP and Ken Montenegro, who is the Director of IT at Asian Americans Advancing Justice, the National Vice President of the National Lawyers Guild, and a coalition member of Stop LAPD Spying Coalition.


The following describes the Training Agenda for focusing on PowerBase features, activities, and workflows that will be covered in the PowerBase Initial Organizational Trainings. These items may be covered in more than one training depending on the work priorities and relevance of the topic for the organization’s training.. (a pdf version of this page is available below)

PowerBase Initial Organizational Training Agenda

How to Request Support and Find Resources


The following questions are intended to provoke discussion more than nail down concrete answers. Feel free to answer as loosely or specifically as you feel useful to your organizing needs.

Social Media

Answer for each of the social media accounts you use regularly.

  1. Do you post from an organizational account, from your organizers' individual work accounts, or from your organizer's personal accounts?

Presented in March 2017