Digital Security Needs Assessment Workshop


  • Welcome & Introduction to the Learning Table: 5 minutes
  • Introduction to Assessment Workshop: 5 minutes (Alice) Each organization has written up a needs assessment. Our goal today is to pull those together into a movement/sector needs assessment to find the commonalities that will allow us to focus this series of workshops
  • Discussion of participants' needs assessment: 30 minutes (choose one organization to present to start things off)
  • Presentation of 5 possible mitigation strategies: (20 minutes)
    • Organizing databases: How can we securely save information about our leaders and constituents? Review of criteria to use for selecting a database and review options available (Alice)
    • Sharing documents: How can we securely share documents with our colleagues and leaders? What options are there for shared note-taking? Spreadsheets? Synchronizing documents to our phones or computers? (Jamie)
    • In it together: Our organizations are as strong as the weakest link - how do we ensure everyone is familiar and comfortable with our security practices? (Alice)
    • Online accounts: We have a lot of passwords and online resources to keep track of and these accounts are sometimes directly linked to our real, personal lives. How do we protect our accounts and also avoid having our staff and/or staff families attacked? (Jamie)
    • The subpoena: How do we protect ourselves from the most effective government tool for taking our data? (Jamie)
  • Discussion of strategies - collectively we pick 3 to focus on: 20 minutes
  • Wrap up: 10+ minutes

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