Coalition Security Training

Presented in February 2017


  • Intros & Framing "Security"
  • Political Environment: Trump era
    • Emboldened Right - personal attacks, denial of service, left political confusion around free speech
    • Trump using full power of government - raids, subpoenas
  • Story time:
    • Border/INS raid
    • FBI Seizure of MF/PL server
    • Organization - race/gender 2014 disruption
    • Ask: What additional stories do you have?
  • How do stories align with strategies for digital defense
    • Review Access Now Handout - point out things that need to be protected, what the vulnerability is plus steps to take
    • Pick one or two organizations to work through together using Digital Security Overview Worksheet
    • Have folks work in pairs or with their organizations using worksheet
    • Highlight PowerBase and baseline security guide for all organizers
    • Review Sample Organizational Security Policy Sample organizational security policy
  • Discuss Contingency Planning
  • Closing
    • We are strong organizations with many good practices - do a go around and ask: what practices and measures do you already have in place that you feel the best about?


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