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Archived tips provide helpful pointers for grassroots organizers on using technology. These tips were written many years ago and may be outdated. All PowerBase releated tips can be found on the PowerBase Tips Page.

# Basic Image Manipulation (resizing, cropping, file conversion, compression for web-readiness)
** "Picasa": from Google (free, windows/mac/linux)
*** resize, crop, change file type, export for web/email use (automated)
*** maintain albums, upload to web, easy "effects", undo
*** batch processing by exporting a group of photos and changing size/compression
** "Adobe Photoshop": (TechSoup-$60, normal-$649, windows/mac)


For the How Websites Work workshop, we'll each need to download two things.

Text Editor
This will let you work with web page code.

For Windows: Textpad (free unlimited trial, $36 to buy)
For Mac: TextWrangler (free forever)


I just bookmarked two tutorials for creating rounded images, one using Photoshop CS, the other using Xara Xtreme

find the tutorials here in my links in the coati+graphics tags

Notes from the Design 101 workshop, including links to web-based resources.

  1. The point here is not to make graphic designers out of all of us. However, many of us will need to design different kinds of materials - flyers, postcards, handouts, newsletters and brochures - in-house, without relying on outside designers. Here are some pointers to help you in basic graphic design work.

* What do you want to get out of COaTI for yourself?

* What do you want to see at your organization as a result of COaTI?

* How will you know that these goals have been achieved?

* What will you see that will show you your time has been well spent?


Who is/arre your primary audiences?

What do you want to achieve - what are your goals?

What media will best reach your audience?

What's your message?

What's your organization's capacity?

What's your budget? Timeline?

Legal review?


Note: in some cases, we elected to link to long handouts rather than print out copies for everyone. The resources we link to are linked because they won't be used during the sessions. Rather, they serve as resources for further study.

If you're not a fan of our paper saving efforts, let us know.

March 26, 2007

6:00pm - 7:00pm Dinner

7:00 pm - 7:30pm Welcome, intros


We're often asked about the "best" content management system (CMS - wikipedia definition here) and try to address that question in the second COaTI session.


I desperately need to increase the memory on my PC. I just installed windows professional 2003 (used to run 2001 home edition), and while everything was slow before, now it’s even slower. Our tech guy advised us to upgrade memory on some of our computers that are older, currently have 256 MB ram. I could call him to do the upgrade, but he’s not very accessible and I gotta do something now.