Advanced Graphic Tools

# Basic Image Manipulation (resizing, cropping, file conversion, compression for web-readiness)
** "Picasa": from Google (free, windows/mac/linux)
*** resize, crop, change file type, export for web/email use (automated)
*** maintain albums, upload to web, easy "effects", undo
*** batch processing by exporting a group of photos and changing size/compression
** "Adobe Photoshop": (TechSoup-$60, normal-$649, windows/mac)
** "SnipShot": (free, web-based)
*** resize, crop, rotate
*** change file type, save directly to flickr
*** simple effects ("enhance", color adjustment)
# Intermediate/Advanced Image Manipulation (batch processing, color correction, noise reduction, "filters", effects, and that other cosmetic stuff)
* Photoshop / Photoshop Elements
# Drawing and Creating Graphics (simple drawing, adding text to images, "vector graphics":, etc)
** "Adobe Illustrator":
** "Xara Xtreme": (open source, windows/mac(in development)/linux)
# Advanced Desktop Publications (see "desktop publishing":
** "Adobe InDesign": (TechSoup-$60, normal-$699 , windows/mac)
** "Scribus": (open source/free, windows/mac/linux)

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