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Archived tips provide helpful pointers for grassroots organizers on using technology. These tips were written many years ago and may be outdated. All PowerBase releated tips can be found on the PowerBase Tips Page.

I have had my Mac for close to a year, and until recently I have not have any problems with pop up windows like I did when it came to my PC. Now that has changed. While there are not a lot of them, I still have to close out of at least 5 a night when I shut down my computer at night. Is there any spyware or any action I can take to stop this. What is most strange about this is I have my pop up blockers up when using firefox. At the same time, I still use safari at times because sometimes either one of these browsers in some way misbehaves.


Please use the following to provide feedback on hands-on technology session you participate in at COaTI: Hands-on Session Evaluation Form Please note that this is for the HANDS-ON Sessions only, this is NOT the evaluation form that we use for our final end-of day evaluations


Below are some links and PDF copies of useful RFP resources:

Ask the Right Questions to Develop Your RFP
Use these worksheets to get a clear sense of organizational requirements - view the full article and download helpful RFP resources at TechSoup

Here's a PDF of the slides from the Bulk Email Examples Slideshow

File attachments:

There are many options for sending bulk/mass email like newsletter or action alerts, and they range in cost from cheap or free to very expensive. We'll focus here on the less-expensive options:

Your Email Program (Outlook, Thunderbird):
Pros - cheap
Cons - being labeled a spammer by your ISP

List software included in your hosting package
Pros - cheap - already have it


We're asking each organization to fill this out - only one person from your organization needs to fill this out.

Click Here to take survey


Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to get together with other COaTI Mission Impossible volunteers to create a video presentation that will be shown in the afternoon of the last day at the March COaTI.

Your assignment:
Create a presentation using pictures, audio, and video.


This is a great example of a database RFP. Identifying details have been changed so any resemblance to an actual organization is accidental.


We know that you love creating technology plans and writing RFPs, and we know that sometimes, you probably wonder if you really need to write up an RFP. Here are some guidelines to help you decide if an RFP is really what you need: