COaTI Video Project!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to get together with other COaTI Mission Impossible volunteers to create a video presentation that will be shown in the afternoon of the last day at the March COaTI.

Your assignment:
Create a presentation using pictures, audio, and video.

A suggested topic would be a presentation about PTP’s COaTI and/or why movements for change need organizations with strong technology infrastructure. If you don’t like that topic, don’t use it, but do use the following guidelines:

• The group needs to pick one topic and create one presentation, not several.
• The presentation needs to deliver a clear message or a coherent set of messages –it needs to convey something meaningful. So, no trippy collages set to music.
• The presentation must incorporate pictures (either those you take or pictures you find on the web), audio, and video.

You can volunteer to be of the COaTI Mission Impossible team between now and the end of our first evening together in Seattle. As the COaTI Mission Impossible team, you’ll have access to a video camera, a digital camera, and (hopefully) a digital recorder. You’ll also have access to the computing resources at COaTI. Finally, you’ll have the support and skills of the PTP techies, but note that while their technical advice is available, they are not available to do the work of collecting or assembling the presentation for you.

On the last day of the COaTI, we’ll show your presentation and ask you as a group to share with the broader COaTI group what you did, how you did it, and where you got the audio/video you used. We’ll also ask for your thoughts and reflections on what working on this presentation was like for you, and if/how it has made you think about using more audio/video/images in your organizing work.

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