Please find below a list of many of the trainings that the Progressive Technology Project has conducted over the years. Each training contains links to materials used in the trainings.


Your data can come from everywhere - online forms, sign in sheets, other databases and more. However, it won't help you organize unless it's properly parsed and de-duplicated. In Advanced Data Strategies, we'll cover how to effectively import spread sheets from other services and how to keep your data clean using deduplication and automatic merging.

Prerequisite: Comfortable adding and editing contacts, contributions, events and activities.

Presented at Stories+Money=Change Conference, September 24, 2021

This presentation, developed by Gordon Mayer, Gordon Mayer Communications and Alice Aguilar, PTP, helps groups explore how infrastructure, technology, organizational culture, skills, and communications are key to fundraising.


  • Intro & Logistics
  • What we mean by infrastructure
  • Infrastructure: Technology/Data & Organizational Culture
  • Q&A

The following questions are intended to provoke discussion more than nail down concrete answers. Feel free to answer as loosely or specifically as you feel useful to your organizing needs.

Social Media

Answer for each of the social media accounts you use regularly.

  1. Do you post from an organizational account, from your organizers' individual work accounts, or from your organizer's personal accounts?

9:00 AM through 5:00 PM
10 East 34th Street 10th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Day 1: PowerBase Fundamentals
A foundational track designed for participants that need a stronger foundation in the key features of PowerBase. This track will go at a pace designed to optimize a better understanding of PowerBase. After attending this session, participants will know how to

Here are materials from the Partnership Project Summer Camp 2011 on the presentation about mining your data and building a culture of using data in your organization.


If your voter work made you think you needed to dig into your membership database or technology planning process, check out PTP's Community Organizing and Technology Institute on Databases and Technology Assessment and Planning: