MFOM2016: Moving towards an integrated grassroots fundraising culture: data, tools, and practices

Presented at GIFT's Money for Our Movements, August 13, 2016
This workshop will help groups explore what it takes to integrate their grassroots fundraising with on-going organizing and communications activities with a multichannel approach.
We will emphasize how successful fundraising campaigns are fundamentally dependent on four core components:

  • A well designed fundraising plan
  • Meaningful and current information (data)
  • Powerful communications skills, and
  • The technical infrastructure and skills to make it all work


  • We will discuss what we mean by an “integrated” grassroots fundraising campaign by looking at elements of a sprint campaign model
  • Share Case Studies of Integrated Grassroots fundraising campaigns, specifically organizations who created an organizations culture of data use through a sprint fundraising campaign (Fundraising is Organizing)
  • Through case studies, tools, and small group exercises, we will share what meaningful information groups need to collect and methods of developing strong data collection, fundraising, and communications practices that are aligned and integrated
  • As a group, we will experiment with workflows as a tool to develop a team-building practice to plan, streamline, align, and execute your grassroots fundraising efforts
  • We will explore what you need to know about essential tools needed for moving integrated grassroots fundraising efforts
  • We will conduct an open Q& A and share resources on developing an effective integrated grassroots fundraising campaign
Training Category: 
Data Culture