Powerbase Live! ONLINE Training Curriculum

Since 2020 and the start of COVID19, we at PTP have been missing seeing all of you at our in-person Powerbase Trainings. We hope to begin offering these in-person trainings again soon, but in the meantime will still be holding our popular training topics through our Powerbase Live! ONLINE Training Series.

Please see descriptions of all the upcoming sessions below, and be on the lookout for email announcements as each session is scheduled!

  1. Introduction to Powerbase. (Oct 5-7, 2022) Intended for beginners but open to all, Introduction to Powerbase lays the foundation for using the database. In addition to providing an overview of everything Powerbase can do, students learn the basics such as how to: login, change your password, enter new contacts, and conduct simple searches. It concludes with the concept of groups and the all important "smart" group. Full Agenda and Curriculum.
  2. Controlling the Narrative: Effective Email and SMS campaigns. (Next Date 2023) Now more then ever we are fighting over the story that will shape our understanding of the current crisis and what comes next. In Controlling the Narrative we will learn the mechanics of building email templates, composing beautiful and responsive messages, segmenting your lists, sending mass SMS messages, measuring and understanding our click through rates, as well as strategies around messaging and integrating these efforts across your campaign. Full agenda and curriculum.
  3. Building Community through Participation: Events & Activities. (Next Date 2023) Don't let social distancing stop organizing! From the very basics of creating meeting activity records through the intricacies of organizing a team to do phone outreach and generating reports of attendance, Building Community through Participation will cover everything you need to know about event and meeting organizing. The course combines the technical with political analysis, facilitation tips and discussion around building an inclusive and respectful meeting culture both online and in-person. Full agenda and curriculum.
  4. Raising Money while Capitalism Collapses: Fundraising with Powerbase. (Next Date 2023) With the economy in shambles, now is an important time to tighten our fundraising strategies and reinforce our networks of support and mutual aid. Raising Money while Capitalism Collapses focuses on building financial support using contribution pages, peer-to-peer giving campaigns, $X in X weeks sprint-style campaigns and integrating these campaigns into our organizing work so we can build holistic campaigns that support our communities. Full agenda and curriculum
  5. Organizing online. (Next Date 2023) A critical step in online organizing is providing the world with a form and a reason to fill it out. In this area, Powerbase has a lot of options! In Organizing Online, we'll cover how to create custom fields, profiles, petitions, webforms and more. We will review the difference between creating a new field and adding a field to a form. And, we'll cover how online and in-person organizing are inseparable components of any campaign. Full agenda and curriculum
  6. Advanced Data Strategies. (Next Date 2023) Your data can come from everywhere - online forms, sign in sheets, other databases and more. However, it won't help you organize unless it's properly parsed and de-duplicated. In Advanced Data Strategies, we'll cover how to effectively import spread sheets from other services and how to keep your data clean using deduplication and automatic merging. Full agenda and curriculum
  7. Phonebanking. (Next Date 2023) You have one week, a thousand phone number and twenty volunteers. Now what? Now, you use Powerbase's Phone Banking features! Learn different strategies for distributing the phone numbers securely and recording the results of the calls. You can do it in person at your office or with all callers participating remotely. There is no sugar coating the truth: it's complicated, but that's because it is so powerful. You can do it many ways, ask any questions you want and record all the answers.
  8. Finding your Leaders. (Next Date 2023) When your organizing project has reached a certain size, nobody has a complete picture of your existing or potential leadership. Powerbase may not be able to identify leaders, but it can provide you with a list of candidates based on the criteria that makes sense to your organizing campaign. Whether it's counting events attended, membership dues paid, one-on-ones completed or any other meaningful metric for your organization, through searches and use of groups/smart groups, Powerbase can help round out the full picture of your base.
  9. Mutual Aid: A Custom Tracking Use Case. (Next Date 2023) We all track, but what we track differs depending on our campaign. In Mutual Aid we will cover how to adapt Powerbase to keep track of anything you need. We'll use a mutual aid scenario as a starting point and learn how to setup a custom activity types to track resources needed and resources available, along with a webform to collect data, reports to see what is coming in, and a workflow to transition activities from requested to fulfilled.
  10. Campaigns. (Next Date 2023) Let's get organized, online and offline! This training will cover setting up online petitions, including ones that automatically email elected representatives. Organizing in person? We will also cover door knocking and walk lists and (covid times!) moving to turn out phone calling.
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