What do I do to get started with Contributions?

When you're getting started with Powerbase it can be quite daunting figuring out how to collect contributions.
Here is a check list of steps with links to guidance.

1) Select a credit card processor for securely accepting contributions.

Powerbase does not retain credit card information - it's all handled through the "Payment Processor". Here is an overview of selecting a Payment Processor:

2) Set up an account with your selected credit card processor.

We currently recommend STRIPE for ease of use and integration with CiviCRM, but it's not the only option.

3) Create a payment processor record in Powerbase for your credit card handler.

You'll need to do this as you have the passwords for it and it requires some configuration on the site.

Instructions here for STRIPE -
Make sure you add the "web hook end point" referenced in the above article and further described here
You can find instructions for the other payment processors by going to our knowledge base located at https://network.progressivetech.org/

4) Create a contribution page.

Now that you have a way to handle credit cards, you'll need to create a "Contribution Page". . Pages are created on Contributions>New Contribution Page or from Contributions>Manage Contribution Pages.

There are several steps to creating the page. You have to make decisions about what your pitch is, what graphics you might use, and whether you are accepting recurring contributions.
The CiviCRM user guide has step by step instructions here-

5) Test your page

to make sure the contributions are recorded in Powerbase, getting sent to your credit card processor and ultimately ending up in your bank account. You can also use some test credit card numbers to check out the flow before committing actual money to the test. Check this resource - https://network.progressivetech.org/node/1127

6) Link the contribution page to your web site.

There are a variety of ways to do this. We provided a "theme" to cloak the page in your branding, but you may have reasons to do it differently. Some discussion of the options appears here -