Setting your Payment Processor call back address

When a recurring contribution is made on your site, your payment processor is notified and asked to re-charge the given account on a regular interval (e.g. every month).

In order to ensure all of these contributions are properly recorded in PowerBase, you must configure the payment processor to notify PowerBase through a call back URL (sometimes called a webhook or silent post URL or instant payment notification/IPN).

While the details of how you configure this setting is different for each payment processor (see How to configure your payment processor for details), the setting itself is the same.

To determine the correct setting, go to Administer -> System Settings -> Payment Processor

Click Edit next to the payment processor you are configuring.

Then, check the Address bar. You should see something like the following:

The end of the address contains 'id=1'. That means that this Payment Processor id is 1.

Therefore the call back address for your site will be:

Be sure to change YOURSITE to your actual Powerbase address.

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