Testing your payment processor


Most payment processors you can use with PowerBase have a testing mode.

When you setup your payment processor, you should enter both the live and testing information.

You can check if this information is set properly by going to:

Administer -> System Settings -> Payment Processors

Click edit next to the Payment Processor you want to test and ensure that that "Processor Details for Test Payments" section is filled out.

If it is not filled out, see How to configure your payment processor for details on how to configure your payment processor for test payments.


From your Contribution Pages or Events listing, you will see a on the far right either Links (contribution pages) or Event Links (for events). If you click, you will have the option to "Test Drive" the page.

When test driving, you can enter a test credit card number which the payment processor will always approve, allowing you to fully test your workflow.

The following card numbers can be used for testing:

  • American Express: 370000000000002
  • Discover: 6011000000000012
  • MasterCard: 5424000000000015
  • Visa: 4111111111111111

These numbers will always succeed as long as the expiration date is in the future. You can enter any value for the Security Code (CSC) when testing.