Configure Stripe Payment Processor

Installing the Stripe Extension

Before you can set up Stripe as a Payment Processor, you'll need to install the Stripe extension on your Powerbase. Please email support to ask us to install it.

Or, if you have Powerbase Administrator permissions, can install it: Go to Administer > System Settings > Extensions. Find the Stripe extension and click on "Install" on that row. Once it's completed, you can continue with the next steps.

Getting Your Keys from Stripe

After you have signed up for a Stripe account, login to the Stripe Dashboard.

You will need:

  • a publishable key for the live site
  • a secret key for the live site
  • a publishable key for the test site and
  • a secret key for the test site.

The publishable keys are public and all start with: pk_.

The secret keys should not be revealed to anyone. They all start with: sk_

While logged into the Stripe Dashboard, look in the left side bar for the "Developers" link. Click "Developers" and then click "API". You will then see your live site publishable key:

Next, click the "Reveal live key token" button (and you will need to re-enter your password) and you will see your live secret key.

Not done yet!

Then, click the "View Test Data" toggle and repeat these steps to record your test keys:

Configure Stripe as a payment processor

Now, in your Powerbase, click Administer -> System Settings -> Payment Processors.

Click the button to add a new one.

From the Payment Processor Type select box, choose Stripe. If you don't' see Stripe as an option, contact support to have the Stripe Extension enabled.

Select a Financial Account (use Payment Processor Account if you are unsure).

Enter your live and publishable keys.

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