How can I take advantage of the mobile-friendly features of PowerBase?

PowerBase comes with many mobile friendly features. However, to take advantage of them, you have to first know about them!

This page describes the main features and contains links to information on how to implement each of those features.

Custom Themes

The best starting point for any PowerBase group is your custom theme. If you don't have a custom theme (or know what that means), please contact support and we can let you know whether or not you have one. Custom themes are ways you can display a contribution page, event registration page or just about any page you want members of the public to visit in way that mimics you own web site. That way as your visitor click from your web page to your donation page, it feels like a seamless experience.

Start by viewing any of your contribution or event registration pages on your phone. How does it look?

Starting last fall, we began making mobile-friendly themes. If your custom theme was created prior to last fall, let us know and we can re-make it so it is mobile friendly.

You can also find out more about custom themes here.

Simple Donate

If you want an even more mobile-focused design than your custom theme provides, you can use the Simple Donate extension to turn a single contribution page into a stunning mobile-friendly design. Your contribution page will still be accessible via the normal address, but once you enable and configure Simple Donate you can also use an alternate address that displays the contribution options as buttons specially designed for cell phones. Learn more about Simple Donate here.

Responsive Email Templates

Getting people to look at your web site is great, but most people read about us via the email messages we send. And, most people these days are reading our email messages on a cell phone. How do they look?

If you haven't used one of our responsive email templates and you haven't tested by reading your message on a phone... it probably doesn't look so good.

But don't worry! You can make it better using the PowerBase responsive email templates. These templates are based on the ones shipped with CiviCRM, however, they are re-worked to use images stored on the PowerBase servers, which will result in better spam scores.


While most of the mobile friendly work is designed for members of the public, there are still some times when you want to do data entry on your phone. That's where CiviMobile comes in. With this extension, you can do the most common tasks (lookup a contact, edit or add a contact, do event attendance or even conduct a survey) all from a easy to use mobile-focused design.