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Archived tips provide helpful pointers for grassroots organizers on using technology. These tips were written many years ago and may be outdated. All PowerBase releated tips can be found on the PowerBase Tips Page.

One of our coalitions decided to keep their mailing list in Outlook and use "enter" to separate address lines 1 & 2. In Excel .csv format, the list looks normal (1 row, 1 record) except the address field has a hard return in it for about 300 records which means that as a text file it is totally messed up. Now I need to mail to their list. Is there any relatively easy way to delete the hard return? I'm REALLY trying not to have to do this manually.


Hi all,

Hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and wishing you the best in 2005.

Here's my problem: I am trying to allow remote access so that our bookkeeper can log into my Windows XP Pro computer when she needs to work on our company file (the file is currently too large to continue emailing back and forth). I have set her up as a user and have enabled Remote Access. She cannot log on. I'm thinking that the problem lies with the router and some type of firewall that is enabled. With that said, I thought if I set a fixed IP address on my PC it would help. It hasn't. The question is what do I do next?

Hey, everyone, we are missing you here in VA. Posting this update in hopes of feedback.

Where To Go Next with VOP Technology?
December 2004

The following is a continuing fleshing-out of a new direction for technology at VOP. The ongoing goals of the project have been:
1)Create a system by which all VOP staff can access our central database over the internet in real time.


Hey everyone,
now that it's well past November 2, and we've all finished recuperating
from our 11/2 educational activities, we at PTP wanted to start talking
with the first COaTI group about the lessons learned from the electoral
work that you all engaged in.

So, to that end, we're wondering if any of you would like to share with
all of us
1)what your organization did,
2) how it worked (not forgetting the technology slant!),


Hello COaTI Crew.

I hope everyone is recouporating nicely after our November 2nd educational endeavors.

I wanted to know if someone can help me figure out how to add a Mac [OS X] laptop to my Windows 2003 [SBS] server so that it could access files.

Any and all help with this matter will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks and I hope to hear from somebody soon!



I'm putting together our first major mailing in Access, and I need help adding a # sign or the text "Apt." to the data in our "apartment numbers" field. This is for the purpose of creating mailing labels.

Anyone have a simple solution?



Info on Veritas' backup software donation program

Veritas Software Donation Page

Software Donation Guidelines

VERITAS donates Backup Exec software on a quarterly basis. All organizations designated under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and/or educational institutions are eligible to apply for a software donation.


What are the steps you want to take next to understand or improve privacy and security in your organization?

Just testing to see if forum > listserve integration is working


VOP is having an internal discussion of whether or not to upgrade to Filemaker 7.0 from 6.0, and I'm trying to remember the details of why it isn't a good idea.

1)What could we do with 7 that we can't do with 6?
2)Would it have any impact on our online access to the database?
3)Arif and Dirk mentioned it would require some re-writing to port over our current data. Any more details on that?