Archive Tips

Archived tips provide helpful pointers for grassroots organizers on using technology. These tips were written many years ago and may be outdated. All PowerBase releated tips can be found on the PowerBase Tips Page.

Here are some links to "best practices" and resources to developing effective PowerPoint presentations:

How to create an effective PowerPoint presentation

Jazz up your presentation with animation effects available in PowerPoint 2004


Thinking about training and documentation and security made me think about planning for disaster. The following document is a good worksheet to get you thinking about not only recovery from a disaster--big or small--but also general IT training and documentation needs.

Dear COaTI participants:

Attached please find the Expense Statement for COaTI. Please use this form, as the mileage has changed. For Southern COaTI 2005, PTP’s budget for mileage is 6.5 cents over the IRS rate. For our first session the rate was 48.5, it has now gone down to 44.5, thus the new mileage rate of 51 cents for January COaTI.

It was great seeing you all, and I hope you had pleasant stay at Banning Mills.


I can help people who are looking to use a web-based survey tool.
Also, I have researched and can give recommendations for a cost-effective, excellent quality conference call system as well as an affordable toll-free conference call service.
Email me at


the folks at GA Stand-up had some questions about sharing files between two Windows XP computers that are already sharing a DSL connection, meaning that they are already networked.

There are two forms of file sharing in the Windows XP land if you don't have a server - Simple File Sharing, and Professional File Sharing.

Here are two links that walk through the process for setting up each one.


At the hack-a-thon session a few days ago, we shared a tool for sharing links - You can sign-up for a account here. If you start using it, use the tag COaTI for any links you think would be of interest to COaTI participants. We're working on a way to display tags on the COaTI intranet, and should have that working by Monday or Tuesday - December 5th or 6th.


Mailshell, a company that makes a proprietary anti-spam product is giving away free licenses of it's desktop anti-spam product on December 14th and 15th.

It's not necessarily any better or worse than the open source products we talked about at the COaTI a few days ago, but if you're interested in the software and want to check it out, this is a great way to do it.

For more info, go to

From the Database Slam: The LINC Grab Bag, a resource for answers to common tech questions, includes a guide to keeping the data in your DB clean from the start.


One thing that came up in the Hack-a-Thon was how to "spamproof" email addresses that you have up on your website. I find this website to be a handy guide to spamproofing methods (though the website itself is a little annoying, and remember - nothing is ever going to completely eliminate spam!)


I wonder if people have seen this site that SEIU has put up:
People can post ideas for a "better America". Until early December people can submit ideas that will be judged. The winner gets $100,000

what do you think of this approach?

Mark Sherman