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Archived tips provide helpful pointers for grassroots organizers on using technology. These tips were written many years ago and may be outdated. All PowerBase releated tips can be found on the PowerBase Tips Page.

Two Experiences with Simultaneous Translation: The Garment Workers Center and Mothers on the Move share their experiences with different types of translation equipment here:

Check out this brief report on strategic uses of GIS and presentation technologies by the Environmental Health Coalition (EHC). It also outlines capacity needs that were met in order for EHC to reach its organizing goal.

Here's the report:

This report outlines the strategic uses of databases, desktop publishing, file sharing, on-line and fax tools by Californians for Justice (CFJ). The technology used to enable CFJ's work is also highlighted.

Check it out here:

Starting from the assessment, the plan focuses on organizing goals, and answers training, cost and technical assistance questions for your group.

See the Technology Planning Guide here:


This guide focuses on the work you are doing today, and how technology is being used. It takes stock of your organization's programmatic and technical status.

See the Technology Assessment Guide here:


Here are tips and resources in cleaning your data and preparing your data for import into PowerBase.


Does anybody use Excel for organizing work? Is it worth learning? What is it mostly used for? (Submitted by Blake P.)


PON Office Hour (6/11/2009) - responding to questions from participants, who previously attended our PTP Techcamp Online on Mail Merge, about how to handle individuals and households when doing mail merges. We also demonstrated some examples using an excel sheets and showed some useful excel formulas to manipulate data.


We need help with Drupal. Can you put me in touch with the lady from New York who's a Drupal Developer. She did the database and technical presentations during the Feb., 2008 Seattle session. I think she presented at the Minneapolis session Oct, 2007.
Your attention to this is appreciated.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Are you trying to be budget conscious and still have a business continuity plan in place to ready your business for an unexpected event?

Well - this is the workshop for you! Whether it is a technical issue, severe weather, power failure or an economic crisis, all businesses should be proactive and start planning.