Please find below a list of many of the trainings that the Progressive Technology Project has conducted over the years. Each training contains links to materials used in the trainings.

PTP & Palante Tech held a two-day PowerBase & Organizing training in New York City on September 20-21.

To access the complete CiviCRM guide online, click here.

We covered the following:

  • Adding a new contact
  • Tracking turnout & collecting data from forms on your website (Profiles)

Understanding CiviCampaign

In organizing, much of our work is organized into campaigns. Your database should reflect how you do your work, right? This online training focuses on CiviCampaign. With CiviCampaign, you can:

  • connect events, communications, fundraising, and activities all under one campaign "umbrella"

Understanding the PowerBase concept of Activities

  • Using Activities
  • Different Activity Types
  • Assigning them to other PowerBase users
  • Displaying Activities (upcoming, overdue) on your dashboard


The training will walk through setting up personal contribution pages:

Setting Up Personal Contribution Pages

Want to raise money for your organization easily and get staff, organizers, and members involved? PowerBase makes it possible for individuals to solicit donations easily and track their progress publicly.


This session focuses on the workaround to do batch updating of event participants' information using profiles. We will be working on the PowerBase solution during the development of Phase II.


Here's the recording for Day 4 on:

  • working with the email salutation field and token for email message templates
  • Understanding Profiles
  • Creating Profiles for Search views [to be revisited on Day 5]
  • Creating Profiles for Batch updates
  • Creating Profiles for use with online Event Registration

Here's the recording for Day 3 on:

  • Configuring your email
  • Sending direct email to an individual or group of contacts
  • Sending mass email using message templates
  • working with tokens in an email message template

Here's the recording for Day 2 training on:

  • Searches
  • Smart groups vs. static groups
  • Exporting contacts
  • Creating Events
  • Creating Activities

Below is the recording for the first PowerBase Pilot Project training on:

  • Administrator Tasks: creating new user accounts, permissions and roles, creating contact records for staff in PowerBase
  • Configuring PowerBase with custom data
  • Relationships between Individuals and Organizations
  • how to handle householding