NYC September PowerBase Training Materials

PTP & Palante Tech held a two-day PowerBase & Organizing training in New York City on September 20-21.

To access the complete CiviCRM guide online, click here.

We covered the following:

  • Adding a new contact
  • Tracking turnout & collecting data from forms on your website (Profiles)
  • Sending out regular email & mass mailings from PowerBase
  • CiviCampaign, Petitions, Surveys, the Engagement Index
  • Advanced Search
  • Custom searches: Include/Exclude Search, Proximity Search
  • Dashboards
  • Importing Contacts
  • Removing duplicate contacts

To see the schedule of upcoming PowerBase trainings as well as recorded online trainings, see the PowerBase training page on our website.

Questions about PowerBase? Post them here on the Power On Network's Knowledge Base.

What folks said about the training in response to, "On a scale of 1 - 5, how do you feel about day 2?"
"5! So excited still. Great to be with so many experts and other users!"

37 participants from these 14 NYC organizing groups attended:

  • Alliance for a Greater New York (ALIGN)
  • Audre Lorde Project
  • CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities
  • Community Voices Heard
  • Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM)
  • Detention Watch Network
  • Domestic Workers United
  • Families for Freedom
  • Labor/Community Strategy Center
  • New Immigrant Community Empowerment
  • New York Communities for Change
  • Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition
  • Pratt Area Community Council
  • Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL NY)

At the training, we said we'd provide a PDF of just what was covered at the training. We're having technical difficulties with the software that lets us do that, so in the meanwhile, please access the comprehensive CiviCRM guide above. The outline below lists the chapters you should look for in the manual related to what we covered at the training:

Organizing Your Data

  • Overview
  • Contacts
  • Groups and Tags
  • Activities
  • Relationships
  • Custom Fields
  • Profiles

Working with Your Data

  • Menu, Dashboard & Dashlets
  • Searching
  • Importing Data
  • Exporting Data
  • Deduping and Merging
  • Tokens and Mail Merge


  • What You Need to Know
  • Everyday Tasks
  • Set-up
  • Reports and Analysis


  • What You Need to Know
  • Set-up
  • Everyday Tasks


  • What is CiviCampaign
  • What You Need to Know
  • Set-up
  • Everyday Tasks
  • Reports and Analysis


  • What is Survey
  • What you Need to Know
  • Set-up
  • Everyday Tasks
  • Reports and Analysis


  • What is Petition
  • What you Need to Know
  • Set-up
  • Everyday Tasks
  • Reports and Analysis

Civic Engagement

  • What is CiviEngage
  • What you need to know
  • Everyday Tasks

History of this book

PowerBase is based on CiviCRM.

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