Advanced: Creating forms for online organizing

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Online organizing means collecting information from people and disseminating information to people via the Internet, as opposed to via the phone, door knocking, conferences etc. This lesson covers collecting information from interested people.


Familiarize ourselves with the various ways to collect data online: Web forms, contribution pages, event pages, membership pages, petitions. Also cover: Social Media integration.


Familiarity with social media, online forms


15 minutes total

10 minutes: Start with a conversation

What is online organizing? When collecting information, what is your strategy? Looking for: build loyalty among supporters (CVH bernie/hilary), educate about issues in form of petition, collect contact information, etc.

5 minutes: What does PowerBase currently offer?

Demonstrate examples of existing integrations: CVH, VOCAL, Texas Environment. Use PDF slide show

5 Minutes: Then explain how to go beyond:

  1. Petition: like a profile, but has a time stamped activity
  2. Webform: combine multiple contacts, contributions and events together, also add arbitrary activities
  3. Remoteform: put a profile or contribution page on your own web site.
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