Fundamentals: Entering Canvass Results

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Entering Canvassing Results covers the basics of logging in and doing simple data entry of contacts from a convassing results page.


The objective of this lesson is to ensure all participants are up-to-speed on the most basic PowerBase task, answer common questions about data entry, and put them in an organizing frame of mind. This lesson gets straight to the chase, allowing the participants to start “doing something” on the database as quickly as possible, with minimal presenting.


Comfort using a keyboard, mouse and web browser.


The lesson should take about 45 minutes. All students should be using the training database for this lesson.

Login and Password

Show students training database address, provide them with their user name/password, demonstrate how to login and how to change their password: Support -> Change password (In User packet on Page 4)

Staff Responsable

Explain that we are all working together, but the Database doesn’t know that yet, so we have to add ourselves to the Staff Group.

Have every one follow along:

  • Click on the “Recent” menu to find your record
  • Click Groups Tab
  • Click Add to Group → Staff

Change Name

Update your first and last name

Add Campaign

Create a campaign called "Membership Meeting 2019". Don't follow along – just one campaign please!

Adding an individual

Demonstrate how to add a new individual contact. Explain:

  • We are entering Individuals now, we will enter organizations later. This distinction is important since it allows us to create relationships between individuals and their employers (for example). More on this topic later.
  • You can simply click “Contacts → New Individual” (we won't be using sub- contact types in this training)
  • How to know if a field is required
  • How to expand or contract field groups
  • Demonstrate Entering: First name, last name, email, phone, home address, constituent type, and Staff Responsible.

In user packet on page 9


  • Added campaign?
  • Change passwords
  • Add yourself to staff responsible
  • Change name
  • Enter staff responsible when adding a new contact

Final Exercise

20 minutes: Hand out canvassing sheet that contains 40 made up contacts with email, phone numbers, addresses. Tell the group they have to self-organize between them to ensure that all contacts are added to the database and everyone enters at least three contacts. Throughout the training, these will be the contacts they are responsible for.

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