How do I create or edit a DMARC record?

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance.

DMARC records allow you to tell email providers what to do if they receive an email claiming to be from your domain name but failing either the SPF or DKIM protocols.

Typically, it's none, quarantine or reject.

You must create DKIM and SPF records before you create a DMARC record.

Setting DMARC record may help messages sent from your domain avoid the spam folder, since some email providers seem to be rewarding email senders who have a DMARC policy set.

If you want help setting up your DMARC records, please email or call support. It can be tricky and we are here to help.

If you would like to set an SPF record for your domain name, please follow our guide on preparing your domain name to send email.

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