How do I use DKIM to digitally sign my PowerBase Email messages?

DKIM stands for Domain Keys Identified Mail.

This may come as a surprise, but anyone in the world can send an email with the From: header set to your email address. That's why fraudulent email messages and spam are such a hard problem to solve.

DKIM tries to solve that problem by providing a method to digitally sign all out-going email. This signature is in the headers part of the email and is hidden from most people corresonding with you.

When an email provider receives a message claiming to be from you, the digital signature can be verified. If it fails, it gets sent to the Junk folder, and if it checks out your message will be more likely to be trusted and land in the inbox.

Setting up DKIM requires two parts:

  1. The hosting provider sending email on your behalf has to have a private key for your domain name and must use it to sign all outpoing email (with your Powerbase account, this step is ready to go).
  2. Your domain name must publish the public part of the key. This step can only be done by you!

To use DKIM to digitally sign your PowerBase message you must create a DNS (Domain Name System) record and notify PowerBase so we can enable this feature for your site. See our help file on preparing your domain name to send email for more details on how to setup your DKIM record.

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