How to Configure Powerbase for after you get an account

These notes are taken from the CiviCRM wiki page and modified for PowerBase users.

Please note: CiviCRM only supports the Advanced Integration Method for

Configure Payment Processor’s API Access

NOTE: The following assumes that you already have an Authorize.Net merchant account. If you don't, you can go to the web page to sign up.

If you do not already have an API login and Transaction Key, generate these now from the Authorize.Net account page, under Settings, General Security Settings.

After this is done, create the Payment Processor configuration in CiviCRM:

  • Log into PowerBase as a PowerBase administrator
  • Select Administer » System Settings » Payment Processors
  • Select Add Payment Processor
  • For Payment Processor Type, choose Authorize.Net
  • Use a Name like “Credit Card” unless you have multiple payment processors.
  • Set Financial Acccount as needed for linking to your accounting system.
  • Enter the API Login ID and Transaction Key values (Live and/or Test as needed). Transaction Key goes into the field labeled Payment Key. These values should be provided to you by
  • The MD5 Hash is best left empty.

Site URLs

The Site URLs should be pre-populated for you. In case they get accidentally changed or deleted, the values should be:

Live Payments

  • Site URL:
  • Recurring Payments URL:  

Test Payments

  • Site URL:
  • Recurring Payments URL:

Automated Recurring Billing offers a recurring payment system called Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) for an additional fee.  ARB allows your sustainers to set up recurring credit card gifts. Your Settings - Payment Processor page will automatically populate with the standard Recurring Payments URL, but you will need to enable the ARB service on in order for recurring contributions to work.

PowerBase will be notified of the success of recurring contributions via a "Silent Post URL".  Within, go to Account > Settings > Silent Post URL (within the Transaction Format Settings section). 

On "Silent Post URL" page, enter the URL for your site and payment processor. You can figure out what the URL should be by following our payment processor call back help page.

Other Authorize.Net settings

  • Card Code Verification (CCV) and Address Verification Service are free and part of your account. They do need to be configured to be used. If used, they will help prevent credit card fraud.
  • Email Receipt: If this is set, Authorize.Net will send an email when a payment is processed. If Send Email is also selected in the CiviCRM Authorize.Net Payment Processor settings, two emails will be sent per payment.  These options can be set within the AuthorizeNet.php file in the /CRM/Core/Payment folder. Contact PowerBase Support if you have questions about these receipts.

Accepted Credit Cards

  • To see the list of credit cards that Authorize.Net will process, select Merchant Profile in the Authorize.Net Account Settings screen.
  • In the Administer CiviCRM screen, select Accepted Credit Cards
  • Disable any cards which are not accepted. If there are any cards accepted which are not listed, add them.


Please see our tip sheet on testing

Additional Documentation

For more information on the Authorize.Net Advanced Integration Method, see the AIM guide.