Please find below a list of many of the trainings that the Progressive Technology Project has conducted over the years. Each training contains links to materials used in the trainings.

Provide a brief overview of the various components of PowerBase, with an emphasis on how PowerBase tracks your interaction with your base.


Entering Canvassing Results covers the basics of logging in and doing simple data entry of contacts from a convassing results page.


Sending text messages via PowerBase


Training Agenda and other forms

Presentations, Handouts, and Web Resources

Day One
Integrated Fundraising, Christina Roessler


PowerBase In-Person
Training Chicago May 20-21 2013



Are you finding duplicates in your PowerBase? You might have multiple records for a single person or organization in your database, and you don't want to lose ANY of the info in either one.

This training covers the following:

This training covers removing duplicate records in your database:

  • removing duplicate records, or "de-duping"

PTP held a two-day PowerBase & Organizing training in Oakland, CA November 14-15. Oakland Rising hosted the training when we had technical difficulties at the venue we had booked, and the training would have flopped without OR. PTP thanks Oakland Rising for making their office available in a pinch!

Download the materials we used at the training below.


Do you need to get a huge amount of data into PowerBase quickly? Do you have tens or hundreds of new contacts from a recent door-knocking event or meeting that you need to get into PowerBase right away?


PTP & Palante Tech held a two-day PowerBase & Organizing training in New York City on September 20-21.

To access the complete CiviCRM guide online, click here.

We covered the following:

  • Adding a new contact
  • Tracking turnout & collecting data from forms on your website (Profiles)

Understanding CiviCampaign

In organizing, much of our work is organized into campaigns. Your database should reflect how you do your work, right? This online training focuses on CiviCampaign. With CiviCampaign, you can:

  • connect events, communications, fundraising, and activities all under one campaign "umbrella"