Behind the Curtain: What non-profits can learn from the Obama Campaign’s online strategy - February 17th, 2010

Katherine Mackenzie, a consultant for M+R Strategic Services will take us behind the scenes of the Obama Campaign’s new media strategy. She will be presenting key findings from the report Online Tactics and Success: An Examination of the Obama for American New Media Campaign that M+R Strategic Services prepared for the Wilburforce and Brainerd Foundations.

The report documents the results of M+R’s quantitative and qualitative analysis of the Obama for America’s New Media Campaign. The goal was to attempt to understand which strategies and tactics drove a true return on investment for the campaign and which did not, and how the winning strategies can be replicated by nonprofit advocacy organizations.

Here are links to additional materials:

  • Click here for the 2009 Benchmark study that analyzes online messaging, fundraising, and advocacy data from 32 leading nonprofit organizations
  • Click here for other articles and best practices in the publication section of the M+R website
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