Using Electoral Extension to add Voter District info to your Database


The Electroal Extension on Powerbase is designed to automatically send each address in your database to a third party service and receive the electoral district information representing that address in return. This district info is then inserted into the contact record, allowing you to search for contacts based on which electoral districts they reside in.

The extension can be configured to use either the Google Civic service or the Cicero service.

The Electoral Extension does not provide individual voter registration information. It simply looks up an address and matches it to the districts in its database. The person at the address need not be a registered voter.

Cicero or Google Civic?

This documentation only covers the Cicero service.

The Cicero product is a paid service. Your organization pays per look up. At this time, the price is about 3 - 4 cents an address lookup, and the price drops per lookup depending on volume. There is also a discount offer for nonprofit groups available through TechSoup.

To make sure that the district information you require is available for your community, you can check addresses on the Cicero live demo.

Once you decide to go ahead with using the Cicero application, the first step is to set up an account.

This document describes all the steps with setting up and operating CiviCRM. If you have questions, contact the PowerBase Support team at


If the Electoral Extension is installed, you should see a menu item under Administer -> System Settings -> Electoral API. If you do not see that menu item, please contact support to have the extension installed.

Once installed - you can follow the directions on the extension download page to set it up and use it (be sure to scroll down to see the directions).


If you have questions, contact the PowerBase Support team at

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