How do I find my existing images that I used in an older traditional mass emailing for use in Mosaico emails?

The reason why you can't find the older images that you used before in a traditional Powerbase mailing is because those images live in a different directory than the image directory that Mosaico uses.

If you want to use one of the older images, you will need to download the image you want to your desktop from the image directory, then upload it into the new Mosaico email, which will then place the image in the Mosaico image directory.

You will need Powerbase Administrator permissions to access the image directory. If you would like this image directory to be accessible to everyone in your organization, please contact, and we can create a menu link that's accessible.

This is how you download the images from your older traditional emails image directory to your desktop:

  • Go to Administer menu > Custom Data and Screens > Uploaded Images
  • Look for the image you want in the Images folder
  • Right click and select DOWNLOAD to download to your desktop

Powerbase download image from images folder

This is how you upload the image to a mosaico email which will upload the image to the mosaico image directory:

  • If you are still looking at the images folder, to get back to your Powerbase, just edit the URL to only show https://[YOUR SITE], or click the back arrow button in your browser
  • To add the image to your Mosaico email, you'll need to add a new block that has an image box (if you haven't already) - you will need to click on the BLOCKS menu on the left of the screen.

Powerbase add image block in Mosaico email

  • Then to upload, click on the image box where you want the picture to go, click on the "picture icon" that shows the image gallery in the Mosaico menu, then on the left side, click on the area that says "Click or drag files here", and select the image from your desktop.
  • The image will appear in the RECENTS tab - just double click the image and it will go into the image box you select.

Powerbase add image to Mosaico email

Here's more documentation with a webinar on using the Mosaico feature for mass emailing.


There's no need to download all your images that you used in traditional emails (or other Powerbase pages like contributions and events) in to the image directory that Mosaico references. Only download those older images and upload for Mosaico blast emails as you need them.

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