Organizing, Communicating and Fundraising with PowerBase, Chicago May 28-29, 2014

This PowerBase training covers the features in PowerBase that are geared toward scaling up your base-building community organizing work.

Here is a downloadable version of the complete two-day agenda.

Track 1: PowerBase Fundamentals
A foundational track designed for participants that need a stronger foundation in the key features of PowerBase. This track will go at a pace designed to optimize a better understanding of PowerBase. After attending this session, participants will know how to

  • use PowerBase confidently
  • learn to use PowerBase to support an organizing campaign
  • enter and retrieve data about your base: contact information, demographic information that matters to you, issues interest, other special data you want to collect
  • manage events in PowerBase & turn out your base
  • keep track of relationships and interactions with members, constituents, electeds, media
  • send mass emails to a targeted list
  • manage members and memberships in PowerBase

Track 2: Advanced Topics with PowerBase
A track designed to cover advanced topics in PowerBase. This track for those with PowerBase experience ready to take their understanding to an advanced level. Participants attending track 2 will be able to:

  • use PowerBase to track leadership development and engagement
  • analyze the engagement level of your contacts using a variety of tools
  • import contacts, participants, and contributions for to save great amounts of time time on data entry
  • understand the complex aspects of mailing lists: managing bounces, unsubscribes, primary emails, etc.
  • create reports in order to have the data you care about at the tips of your fingers
  • set up SMS to work with PowerBase
  • collect more complex data
  • replace salsa and other systems with PowerBase

Track 3: Using PowerBase for Fundraising
PowerBase can support your grassroots fundraising more than it does right now. In our fundraising track, we’ll help participants take the pulse of their fundraising in PowerBase. They’ll learn to use PowerBase to:

  • segment donors and set goals
  • find new and renewing donors
  • measure the effectiveness of appeals and asks
  • divvy up fundraising tasks & measure progress of solicitors
  • organized a fundraising phone bank
  • manage fundraising from organizational partners
  • organize a gala event in PowerBase

The training is for both newer staff hoping to learn the basics better to more advanced users hoping to take their skills to the next level.

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