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Archived tips provide helpful pointers for grassroots organizers on using technology. These tips were written many years ago and may be outdated. All PowerBase releated tips can be found on the PowerBase Tips Page.

Go to this address to try out the Base Builder demo:


call (612) 724-2600 or 866-298-6463


how do i create a phone bank?


First post from the NYC All Database COaTI: one question that has come up already in Long Island City that other COaTI folks might be able to help answer:

How do other groups train very new computer users? Families for Freedom has four or five members working in their office, some of whom have never used a computer before and need help getting started with the most basic things.


Hey, everyone, we are missing you here in VA. Posting this update in hopes of feedback.

Where To Go Next with VOP Technology?
December 2004

The following is a continuing fleshing-out of a new direction for technology at VOP. The ongoing goals of the project have been:
1)Create a system by which all VOP staff can access our central database over the internet in real time.


Hey everyone,
now that it's well past November 2, and we've all finished recuperating
from our 11/2 educational activities, we at PTP wanted to start talking
with the first COaTI group about the lessons learned from the electoral
work that you all engaged in.

So, to that end, we're wondering if any of you would like to share with
all of us
1)what your organization did,
2) how it worked (not forgetting the technology slant!),


Hello COaTI Crew.

I hope everyone is recouporating nicely after our November 2nd educational endeavors.

I wanted to know if someone can help me figure out how to add a Mac [OS X] laptop to my Windows 2003 [SBS] server so that it could access files.

Any and all help with this matter will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks and I hope to hear from somebody soon!



Info on Veritas' backup software donation program

Veritas Software Donation Page

Software Donation Guidelines

VERITAS donates Backup Exec software on a quarterly basis. All organizations designated under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and/or educational institutions are eligible to apply for a software donation.



Greetings from South Los Angeles, everyone.

I wanted to know if anyone could recommend a Video Conferencing program and if anyone had any success/failure stories in using such technology at their organization. Please post or e-mail if you do. Thanks!

Warmest regards,
Risa Brown