Please find below a list of many of the trainings that the Progressive Technology Project has conducted over the years. Each training contains links to materials used in the trainings.


Starter Ground Rules


We have thankfully moved beyond the false dichotomy of "real" organizing vs "online" organizing and recognized that it's all part of the same thing. But.... what does online organizing mean? What are we trying to accomplish when we organize online? How does it build our campaigns?


Please say your name, organization, pronouns and OPTIONALLY share your thoughts about "online" organizing.



Your data can come from everywhere - online forms, sign in sheets, other databases and more. However, it won't help you organize unless it's properly parsed and de-duplicated. In Advanced Data Strategies, we'll cover how to effectively import spread sheets from other services and how to keep your data clean using deduplication and automatic merging.

Prerequisite: Comfortable adding and editing contacts, contributions, events and activities.


Don't let social distancing stop organizing! From the very basics of creating a meeting activity through the intricacies of organizing a team to do phone outreach and generating reports of attendance, Building Community through Participation will cover everything you need to know about event organizing. The course combines the technical with political analysis, facilitation tips and discussion around building an inclusive and respectful meeting culture both online and in-person.