TechCamp Online: Mail Merge in Word 2008 (Macs) October 2010

A tutorial on how to do a mail merge (or data merge, more generally) using Word & Excel 2008 for Macs. We covered these topics:

  • Preparing Excel sheet for mail merge
  • Creating a merge document in Microsoft Word
  • Outputting your mail merge
  • Reusing your merge document
  • Merging data for labels
  • Call list example

An important notice: You need to install Rosetta, an application that allows you to use mail merge on your Mac. Please go through the following steps to download Rosetta:

1) Open the Word & Excel files I'm sending and save them to your desktop or somewhere handy.

2) Close the files.

3) Open a Word document and go to Tools > Mail Merge Manager.

4) In Step 1, select Form Letters.

5) In Step 2, select Open Data Source and browse for the Excel file I sent, sampledatafile.xlsx. It should prompt you to download Rosetta. Please do this.

6) Now you're ready to watch the TechCamp recording.

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Microsoft Office
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