TechCamp Online: Intermediate to Advanced Word 2007 (Windows) May 12, 2011

A tutorial on how to:

  • Work efficiently & never lose your work (customize toolbars & keyboard shortcuts)
  • Create beautiful, consistent documents (use templates & styles)
  • Divide & conquer your document (use sections & tables of contents)
  • Collaborate on editing & finalizing documents (track changes)
  • Best practices for improving the accessbility of your documents for screenreaders

A sample document used to conduct this training is available to download below.

A few answers to questions that came up during the webinar:

  1. How can I insert fields into a document like those used in a template? You can do it from the Insert tab. Find the Text group of commands, and click Quick Parts, and then Fields. For more info on what field codes actually are (most of the time, there's no need to use them), click here.
  2. Is there a menu of keyboard shortcuts somewhere? Yes! Here's a comprehensive one.
  3. Can I set the default file extension to be .doc instead of .docx?
  4. Yes! Click the Button. Click Word Options in the lower right corner of the window, and then click Save. Here, you can choose what default format you want your Word doc to be saved in.

  5. How can I start page numbering on the 2nd page, starting at 2?
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Microsoft Office
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