TechCamp Online: Intermediate Advanced Word 2008 (Macs)

An intermediate/advanced tutorial on Word 2008 for Macs. We covered these topics:

  • Templates (custom and built-in)
  • Customizing menus and toolbars in MS Word
  • Using keyboard shortcuts
  • Creating, saving and reusing styles
  • Creating a table of contents from styles

In addition to what we covered in the recorded session, here are a few more handy keyboard shortcuts that work in most internet browsers and word processing programs:

Tab: lets you skip to the next field in an online form (i.e. subject line to email body)
Shift+Tab: lets you skip back to previous field in an online form

Mac-specific for folks who write in Spanish:
Option+e: accent for Spanish
Option+n: tilde for ñ
Option+1: upside-down !
Option+?: ¿

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