TechCamp Online: Intermediate PowerPoint 2007 (Windows) December 2010

A tutorial on how to create compelling presentations using (and not abusing) PowerPoint 2007 for Windows. We covered these topics:

  • Changing a Presentation Look (working with master slides)
  • Slide Animation
  • Adding Sounds and Movies to a Slide
  • Printing Presentations, Notes, and Handouts
  • PowerPoint Best Practices

Here's a YouTube video URL that we use in the recorded webinar to embed in our presentation:

Click here for information about file formats that are compatible with PowerPoint 2007.

Click here to see a YouTube video of Lawrence Lessig, a well-known great presenter who really knows how to use PowerPoint.

Here's a link to Guy Kawasaki's blog post about the 10/20/30 rule.

Embedding Video
For those of you who attended the December 9th TechCamp and whose PowerPoint didn't have the Custom button in Properties:

You simply have to input the modified URL (modify like so: --> into the field labeled "Movie". Also make sure the field labeled "Embed Movie" has the word "False" in it.

Training Category: 
Microsoft Office