TechCamp Online: Mine Your Data in Excel (Windows) Nov 8 2012

Build your Excel skills to do things like fundraising appeals more easily. In this webinar, we walk you through how to use Excel for data manipulation and analysis.

  • Collecting good contact info
  • Cleaning your data
  • Getting useable info out of your data for reporting
  • Segmenting our donor list

We also cover best practices of data collection and considerations about how to think through processes like a fundraising appeal.

We'll learn these indispensable Excel skills:

  • Regular filtering and custom filtering
  • Sorting
  • Writing formulas for numbers or text to count totals of anything, average, sum, if formulas
  • Manipulating large sections of your data to other sheets & linking between worksheets
  • Excel shortcuts

Check out the second session of the series where we'll go through the steps doing mail merge to create direct mailings and divide up call lists easier with mail merge on November 15.

Due to technical difficulties, the visual part of the presentation begins at 33:52 into the recording. You can still follow along with the first part as long as you use the Sample Data file below. Also attached are the Mine Your Data in Excel 2010 Cheat Sheet with a step-by-step guide to everything we cover on the webinar (and much, much more) and the Fundraising Appeal Scenario, which previews the questions we ask on the webinar and situates us in the context of the fundraising appeal.

Training Category: 
Microsoft Office