Techcamp Online - Mail Merge

Dazzle your friends! Astound your coworkers! Be the coolest organizer on the block with Mail Merge!

Don’t know what mail merge is? Quite simply, it is the techie tool of your dreams. Have data in Excel that needs to get into a Word document? Need to print labels, create phone lists, or print walksheets? Mail merge is what you need.

This session requires working knowledge of Excel and Word, so please be sure you’re ready to do the following. This session will cover:

  • Preparing your Excel spreadsheet for mail merge – making sure you’ve got the right data in the right format
  • Creating a merge document in Microsoft Word
  • Inserting merge fields
  • Previewing your merge
  • Outputting your mail merge – to printer or email – considerations and tips
  • Reusing your merge document – considerations and tips

Please use this forum before the session to post and question or comments you have about the topic. After the session, we'll use this forum to answer any questions you have related to the session's material. We will also post any resources and recordings of the session here.

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Microsoft Office