The Battle of the Story by Patrick Reinsborough and Doyle Canning of smartMeme

Patrick Reinsborough and Doyle Canning of smartMeme will deepen the framing and messaging discussion by introducing the set of tools smartMeme has evolved to help groups develop a story-based approach to frames and messages.

Patrick and Doyle will demonstrate smartMeme’s Narrative Power Analysis and will discuss the power of memes. Not sure what a meme is? Be sure to join us to find out!

About the Presenters

Patrick Reinsborough has been involved in campaigns for peace, the environment, and social justice for nearly twenty years. He co-founded the smartMeme strategy & training project in 2002 and provides grassroots partners with support on strategy, messaging and capacity building.

Patrick was previously the Organizing Director of the Rainforest Action Network. He has been deeply involved in the movements against war and corporate globalization and has helped organize countless protests and creative mass actions. He is a frequent commentator on issues of movement building and social change strategy and has guest lectured at numerous universities. Several of his strategy essays were published in the anthology Globalize Liberation: How to Uproot the System and Build a Better World.

Doyle Canning is a strategist, trainer, and organizer with a deep commitment to innovating social change methods and building movements. After she was hit by a tear-gas canister while protesting the World Trade Organization in Seattle at age 19, she went on to mobilize youth for global justice from Melbourne to Quebec to Miami. She worked as an organizer and media strategist on the successful campaign to pass landmark legislation on genetically engineered seeds in Vermont, and went on to join smartMeme as a core collective member and found the STORY youth leadership program.

Doyle is a contributor to Letters from Young Activists (Nation Books), and author of a smattering of articles about social change strategy. Doyle serves smartMeme partners as a facilitator, trainer, and messaging strategy consultant. Doyle also serves on the advisory funding panel of the Haymarket People's Fund, an antiracist social change foundation in Boston.

A Note about the recording:
The introduction, which did not make it in the following audio/visual recording, included:

  • A welcome to participants by Christina Roessler, PTP, and introduced the presenters, Patrick and Doyle
  • A brief introduction by Patrick and Doyle briefly giving a little background of who they are and the work they do
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