REVERB: Strategic Communications & Technology - July 8-10, 2015 NYC

This REVERB training will help participants learn how to:

  • Use and design your emails to get your constituents to pay attention to your messages
  • Use and design your website to better engage your audience
  • Use Twitter in appropriate ways for your organizing and communication campaigns
  • Use Facebook in ways to enhance your outreach efforts for your organizing and communications
  • Write an “elevator pitch” for use on your website and other communications
  • Use imagery to tell your story
  • Use video to tell your story to a targeted audience
  • How to integrate communications technology for your overall campaign strategies
  • Be agile in planning your communications using workflows and other planning tools
  • Improve your collection of meaningful data and learn how data can inform your communications strategies and your technology choices to effectively engage your constituents
  • Implement your communication strategies using PowerBase / CiviCRM (Day 3 only)

The following materials REVERB Training in NYC on July 8-10th, 2015. Feel free to use them for your work. If you reuse them, please be sure to acknowledge where they came from. If you have any questions contact Jessica at or (512)782-8467.

Training Agenda, Participants, & Forms

REVERB Training Materials
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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